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Welcome to Carron Energy

Carron Energy Limited is a private company whose entire share capital is held by its management. Formed in 2004 it is uniquely positioned due to its successful track record and the experience of its team to take full advantage of all opportunities created by the volatility and uncertainty in today’s energy markets. The Company has experience across all aspects of the energy sector having owned and operated large coal and gas fired power plants, created an electricity supply business, owned power engineering business and latterly developed, owned and operated  a portfolio of smaller flexible embedded power generation plants.

The Company is currently in the process of developing and building a multi-100MW portfolio of highly efficient, flexible, gas fuelled power plants which will play a key part in enabling the UK to renew its electricity generating capacity as it moves towards a low carbon future. Designed to start at very short notice the portfolio will play a key role in ensuring the challenges presented by the growth of  intermittent and inflexible low carbon power generation are able to be absorbed within the UK energy mix ensuring security of supply is maintained as the UK pursues its decarbonising agenda.

Supported by a financial investor the company is currently managing the construction of nine new power generation sites. With one power plant having completed construction the company currently manages 152MW of generating capacity with a large pipeline of future projects. 

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